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We are the world's first and only pure play publisher facing technology platform. Our mission is to mathematically yield the highest possible value from publishers’ assets. We utilize our proprietary trading technology and deep knowledge of the programmatic media world to always capture the highest revenue possible for our clients.

Our Solution

Display and Mobile Monetization - Get the most out of your inventory. PubGears partners with every major digital exchange to yield the highest price possible for advertising inventory. With our proprietary "offer" technology, PubGears maximizes exposure across every marketplace and highlights inventory attributes that are most attractive to advertising demand.

Exchange Exposure

"First Look" access to every major digital exchange.


Real-time trading optimization and algorithmic price testing.


30+% average increase in CPMs across publisher inventory.

Where does PubGears sit?

A gap in monetization

PubGears identified a gap in monetization... It lies between a publisher's direct sales channel and their 100% fill solution. Publishers (on average) miss roughly 30% of monthly revenue by simply filling at recommended floor prices set by alternate publisher platforms. Partner with PubGears and bump revenue by 30% overnight.

PubGears Solution

Our Awesome Technology

Unlike most publisher facing platforms, PubGears has no direct advertiser relationships. This enables PubGears to maintain our focus on publisher interests 100% of the time. Our XOP (exchange optimization platform) technology plugs directly into all major digital exchanges. PubGears utilizes three strategies across the XOP technology; proprietary trading methodologies, inventory positioning and unilateral data access. The result is guaranteed higher return on publisher assets.

Our Team

Team Member

Alan founded PubGears in 2009 with the singular focus of helping publishers accurately value their digital assets.

Alan Pearlberg

Founder / CEO

Team Member

Mike has held varying positions in ad tech companies over the past 10 years. He focuses on product management and the pricing strategy within PubGears' proprietary algorithm.

Michael Tsai

Co-Founder / Product & Operations

Team Member

With over 10 years in the digital media/tech industry, Michael oversees PubGears' operations, account management and publisher partnerships.

Michael Schwalb

Co-Founder / President

If you are talented, highly motivated, hardworking, passionate about your work and want to join our team...

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